RIB CANDY Black Cherry & Grape Habanero

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The deep tart flavors of black cherries are blended to perfection with grapes in this habanero sauce. Black Cherry Grape Habanero Rib Candy™ is used quite frequently on ribs even though we continually state that Rib Candy isn’t just for ribs.

We believe the blend gives the ribs a fantastic flavor when combined with Craig’s Rib Seasoning. The flavor layers will make your ribs so tasty they will be able to be picked out of a crowd.

Is every Rib Candy packed with habaneros?


Just like many of our other Rib Candies, you can find this one in a sweet flavor. No habaneros or any other type of hot pepper in the mixture. The sweet options are for those who truly enjoy the sweeter profiles of food. 17oz