Mini InfraRed Thermometer

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SKU DT-810
810/810B/811/812 Series Low cost mini IR Thermometers provides non-contact temperature measurements: Food preparation, Safety and Fire inspectors, Plastic molding, Asphalt, Marine and Screen Printing, Measure ink and dryer temperature, Diesel and Fleet maintenance. Targeting objects become easy with the bright laser beam. Even in the dark, the display is easy to read with the quality backlit

-Unique flat surface, mini modern housing design
-Temperature measurements from -50.0ºC to 500ºC/-58.0ºF to 932ºF (812)
-Backlighting illuminates display for taking measurements at night or in areas with low background light levels
-Max / Min record                   -User selectable ºC or ºF
-Overrange indication              - Auto Data Hold when trigger released