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The BT-600 Extended Range Bluetooth Barbecue Thermometer helps you BBQ and grill to the perfect temperature every time.

The water-resistant transmitter makes for grilling and smoking all year long, no matter the outside conditions.

With the BT-600 Extended Range Bluetooth Barbecue Thermometer you’ll find it so easy to monitor your BBQ temperatures from your smartphone or tablet via a Bluetooth connection… from as far as 300 feet!

That’s because our new INSTA-SYNC® technology gives the BT-600 longer range and less monitoring interference.

To check on your food’s progress, from a distance, you connect the BT-600 thermometer app.  Now you don’t have to leave family, friends or other activities while you cook.

Complete with two waterproof probes, this wireless meat thermometer is ideal for monitoring one meat and one BBQ, two meats, or two BBQs – you choose.

Thermometers for cooking are like training wheels for folks new to smoking, grilling and BBQ.

Even if you have lots of experience cooking outside, when you’re minding the food with the help of a good thermometer, you’ll have more time to spend with your family and friends or doing anything else.