CANYON Cooler Tie Down Kit

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Set it and forget it. Strong, fast, easy and simple. We took rugged whitewater river straps and adapted them to something cooler. At Canyon we believe in being ready for ANY adventure. Unlike almost everyone else, we do NOT use zinc plated metal,  we use full stainless steel buckles ready for any road salt or ocean spray you may encounter. The straps simply thread through the built in tie downs your cooler already has, pull it tight and go.  UV-protected polypropylene webbing won't stretch when wet and delivers an impressive Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) of 1,500 lbs. If life goes upside down at least your ice chest is still safe and secure. The simple DIY tie-down solution, every boater, outdoorsperson and homeowner should be using.


  • 2 Stainless tie down mounts 
  • 2 each 4' Canyon Logo straps w/ full stainless steel roller cams
  • Stainless steel mounting screws
  • 500# Working Load Limit