Blackstone Griddle Scraper

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The first thing you have to do before cooking a delicious meal on
the griddle is make sure your griddle is clean. For easy griddle
cleaning, the Blackstone Signature 5" Griddle Scraper is the tool
for you. The durable stainless steel blade is perfected for
scraping and easily removes griddle debris. With a wide blade,
you can clean more surface area quickly. The handle features an
ergonomic, slip resistant grip, which is great for giving you
more control when digging into that caked-on mess. As an added
bonus, the handle doubles as a bottle opener, so you can relax
and open up a drink right from the griddle. When all is said and
done, go ahead and toss your Griddle Scraper in the dishwasher
for easy cleanup!

* * Stainless steel blade

* Beveled edges for removing griddle debris with ease

* Ergonomic, slip resistant handle

* Handle doubles as a bottle opener

* Dishwasher safe